A Modular Growing Unit enable the growth of the highest quality produce and rapidly scalable operations.

A successful launch of an MGU growing operation is achieved with minimal capital investment enabling year-round growing with the following advantages of modular, controlled growing environments:

  • Turn Key Platform: designed to optimize efficiency and streamline the growing process.
  • Rapid Implementation: design, configuration, shipping, installation, commissioning and training.
  • Controlled Environment: perfect environment to grow anywhere 365 days a year.
  • System Size: 12,000 sf Production Complex includes 60' x 144' growing area, POD Administration Control Center and
    Packing and Distribution area purpose built to maximize yield, maintain "best in class" food safety operations and create
    efficient and skilled labor.

  • Flexible Siting: MGUs can be sited on any flat surface.
  • Resource Conservation: reduced land and water required for success.
  • Ease of Use: structured training and remote monitoring and management ensures success.
  • Time to Market: produce is grown within 90 days of contract execution.
  • Low Market Entry Costs: solves the issue of a lack of balance sheet for new operations.
  • Smart Technology: software monitors and manages the MGUs to ensure the successful launch and performance of each grow operation.
  • Brand Awareness: A Produce On Demand location utilizing an MGU demonstrates an ability to grow indoors and build local retail customer relationships and brand recognition.
  • Support: 24 x 7 facility and systems support 365 days a year.
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